This is a sample of what our patients have to say about us:

Dr. Prilutsky and his staff are awesome. It's a small intimate dental office where they really take care of you. Dr. Prilutsky is kind, professional, and most of all very knowledgeable. When you come out from your appointment, you don't feel like they over charged you. In fact, Dr. Prilutsky exams your teeth and tells you what is urgent and what can wait. Before he does any work on you, his assistant/receptionist Maria brings you a paper with EXACTLY what work needs to be done and how much it's going to cost. You'll NEVER walk out not knowing or doubting what happened or what's worse, getting a huge bill after couple of months. Dr. Prilutsky really understands his patients. He is gentle and caring and if you have any questions, he takes the time to answer them.

If you have any fear seeing a dentist, see Dr. Prilutsky. He is truly GREAT.

June C.

First off, let me say this: I don't think I have ever seen any sort of dental practice run as well as Beverlywood Dental. Dr. Prilutsky, Maria, and Erika make a small but very professional, capable, and friendly team, and from my experience at this dentist, I don't think I'll need to be looking for a dentist anymore.

I hadn't been to a dentist in over 7 years, and it was only when one of my teeth broke that I decided my neglected mouth needed some attention. I went to Beverlywood knowing that I would need to get a lot of work done on my mouth before everything went back to normal. When I got there, the Doc took a look at my teeth and explained to me very clearly exactly what needed to get done to save the broken tooth (root canal, crown extension, crown placement) and that I had extra teeth that needed to get filled because of cavities. And this was just a preliminary appointment. I decided the tooth was worth saving, so I went through the many procedures needed to fix it, and only after that did we start going about filling the cavities.

What do I like about Beverlywood Dental? First, there was never any ambiguity about what work I needed to get done on my teeth or how much it would cost me to get it all done. Maria does a very good job of working with insurance to make sure you can get all the work done on your teeth. Next, I liked how most of my appointments never really took longer than 90 minutes. Dr. P and his assistant Erika are friendly, professional dental machine that get things done right the first time. Simply put, they take care of you very well here. Now that I've gotten my broken tooth fixed and my cavities filled, I can say without a doubt that I'm extremely pleased with Beverlywood Dental's practice and the work they completed, and I plan on going back to get any dental work done in the future. Keep it up!

Ted R.

Dr. Prilutsky, Erika & Maria are awesome. Dr. Prilutsky is a very professional and a very thorough dentist. Erika is a sweetheart and Maria is very soft spoken and helpful.
I had an array of dental work here and the whole experience was truly pleasant.

I've moved away from Culver City, but still I will come here for any required dental work.

Raghu Y.

This place of business is absolutley FANTASTIC. I am always on the edge when I visit the dentist office. But this place here was amazing. I was comfortable, relaxed, and entertained the whole time I was there. The dentist and the dentist assistant even took pics with me while actually working in my mouth. I listened to music, and took a quick nap while they did what they do best. Its super clean, I didnt have to wait, and best of all they were super personable.

I recommend this place!.. Totally! See you guys in 6 months!

Thanks!! You're the best!

Cindy D.

Hi! I'm a patient here and I must say that I honestly love my visits as Maria always reminds me the day before and they accomodate my very busy schedule. I get a response right away when something is wrong. And on top of all He is funny and performs perfect work. I have veneers all over and I was scared to have them chipped bc I had to get rue canals, in the front. I must say I'm so thankful and grateful as he was so careful and everything came out perfect n I still have my perfect smile :-) thank you guys. Ur amazing! I recommend this dentist for their amazing service, perfect/ precise work and prices especially for LA. :-) they care n want you to be smiling all the time:-)


Dr. Prilutsky and his staff, Maria and Erica are the greatest! They treat each patient very personally. Dr. Prilutsky is very honest in his assesment of the situation and very reasonable. I've had 3 crowns and 2 bondings done and I can smile very confidently now which is crucial as I am an actress. I will be having all my dental work done here!

Alex T.

Dr. Prilutsky and his staff, Erika and Maria are the best, great work and true professionals, I will continue to go to them for my dental needs as as long as I am in Los Angeles

Stephen R.

I have had multiple great experiences at Beverlywood Dental. The Doc and staff are very professional. What sets them apart is the the state of the art technical equipment and how they prioritize what dental work is needed and what dental work is to be "watched". A huge bonus is that their prices are the lowest I have ever seen.

Mike F.

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